About Us

myhomegarden is an Adelaide based business that was created in response to this statement

"I would have a sustainable edible garden, if I had the time and know how"

We pride ourselves on being able to help you find a way to improve your life by having home grown fruit and vegetables whether it is a home or in the workplace.

With myhomegarden we create and maintain your garden and also help you 'grow your own money' without you having to do a thing!

Here are 4 reasons why having myhomegarden is a no brainer!

  1. Significantly healthier and superior tasting fruit and vegetables
  2. Substantial dollar savings from the annual fruit and vegetable purchases budget
  3. Serious additional annual household income generated from surplus produce
  4. Self-sufficiency and food security skills education

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Very Special Offer

For a limited time only we are offering this Very Special Offer. This package is a great way to start exploring the possibilities of growing your own vegetables in a raised garden or a purpose built pod.

Get started from only $275

Raised Garden


  • Raised Garden Bed
    • 100cm (W) x 50cm (L) x 30cm (H)
    • Heavy Duty Metal construction
    • Inbuilt Irrigation
    • Merion or slate grey finish
  • Enhanced soil
    • Potting mix
    • Cow manure
    • SoiLife
  • Installation
    • Raised garden assembly
    • Planting
  •  SoiLife
  • 25 seedlings*
  • Personalised Growing Plan valued at $1000

Myhomegarden POD $575


  • Pod
    • Wicking bed is self-watering and saves 90% of water
    • Portable
    • Made of long life, UV stable, food grade, 100% recyclable material
    • Dimensions
      100cm (W) x 100cm (L) x 33cm(H)
  • Enhanced soil
    • Potting mix
    • Cow manure
    • SoiLife
  • InstallationRaised
    • garden assembly
    • Planting
  •  SoiLife
  • 25 seedlings*
  • Personalised Growing Plan valued at $1000

*Winter Seedlings include

Broccoli, Broad bean, Cabbage, Carrot, Garlic, Kale, Mint, Onions, Parsley, Parsnips, Peas, Potato, Pumpkin, Rocket, Rhubarb, Silver beet, Snow peas, Strawberries, Spinach

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Grow your own money!

At myhomegarden we can create and maintain your garden and use your land to grow extra produce to sell. We will even on sell your produce to the public, leaving you with just the profits!

We can make this happen for you whether it is a balcony, a 1/4 acre block or your workplace courtyard.

This can happen in six simple steps

  1. Consultation
  2. Design
  3. Quote
  4. Build
  5. Maintain
  6. Grow your own money

We GUARANTEE to on sell your surplus produce. Let us do the hard work while you reap the rewards!

Contact us to see how much money you could make.



Here are a few kind words from our customers.

" It’s always been my dream to have an edible garden that produces an abundance of organic food for my family. Good for our health, our pocket and a great outdoor activity for my family. If you want a garden and money is tight, anything is possible; the options are endless with myhomegarden. They worked with us, our budget and our left over building materials and together we created our dream edible garden."

- Tracey Egyud, Springwood

"Myhomegarden helped install the Springwood resident’s edible garden using materials within her budget, special seedling selections and appropriate soil for best results."

- Bunyip Press

"As a natural health activist and coach, foodie and minimalist, I could not look past investing time, money and energy into myhomegarden. Myhomegarden is at the forefront of ensuring our health, our children and our planet can thrive for many generations to come.

An efficient vegetable patch equates to much more than meets the eye. As a society, if we continue on the trajectory we're on, the future looks grim, unsustainable on every level.

The madness needs to stop... time to slow down, reconnect with natural rhythms, run our hands through the soil, teach our children where 'real food' comes from, how to nurture it, and themselves. It's not just about what we put on our plates, it's about culture, connection, creativity, depth, simplicity... it's about life! Lets take our power and health back into our own hands, and reduce the reliance on those corporates with bulging pockets and sinister intentions. Food is medicine, medicine is food, and lawn is passé."

- Vassi Coutsoumbes, Croydon Park

Using the services of myhomegarden has enabled me and my family to eat better food together and get healthier plus the front and back yards are better utilized. What better way to decrease your environmental footprint than to be a Myhomegarden customer.

- Corey Stewart, Dudley Park

"As a Naturopath, having our own edible garden is compatible with our principles. We really love having our own good organic food and herbs that we can use for ourselves."

- Ramona Wainright, Torrensville